Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 655

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&#lt;p&#gt;Just as he finished speaking, the air froze, and Vincent stood awkwardly.Gareth got up immediately
and left. “Hey hey hey…” Vincent’s face darkened more. This man is too arrogant. He is leaving just
because he can’t get what he wants. This man will surely be unable to chase Elisa back like
this.Vincent called after Gareth as he chased up to him. However, he did not forget to turn back and
look at Elisa and Rachel. With a smile, he said, “See you again!” “I hope I never see you again!” Rachel
replied without hesitation. Elisa couldn’t help but laugh.Vincent pointed his finger out at Rachel as a
warning. But when he noticed that Gareth had already gone quite far, he quickly ran after him.Rachel
snorted coldly, “That rascal! He’s only after my things! He hasn’t given up!”Elisa sighed helplessly,
“Your relationship with Vincent is quite complicated.”“I don’t care! Even if we share the same mother, I
am the one who grew up with her!” A complicated look shone in Rachel’s eyes as she spoke about her
mother.That woman was her foster mother. But she was also Vincent’s biological mother.Rachel’s
biological mother passed away when she was still young. Then, her father married another woman.
This woman had conflicts with her, and her father did not care for her. Rachel hated her father, so she
left home. She met Vincent’s mother and was adopted by her.She had grown up under Vincent’s
mother’s wings.But… Her health deteriorated, and she passed away suddenly three years ago. She left
Rachel a crystal necklace before she left. Rachel cherished and kept it like a treasure. But… Vincent
kept asking her for the necklace. She always got infuriated by this request of Vincent’s.As for Vincent…
He grew up in the Shane family. His parents divorced because… His mother cheated.But… Vincent
was often in the dark regarding the truth, so he carried a love-hate feeling toward his mother. He did
not understand why his mother would give up such a good family. What was so good out there that she
would give up her husband and son?So he had a bad relationship with his mother after the divorce. His
mother had tried to approach him several times, but he refused her out of his hatred for her. Gradually,
his mother gave up after realizing that her son hated her.This stubbornness robbed Vincent of his last
chance to see his mother. He almost lost it when he learned about her death. But… there was no
turning back anymore. The only thing he could do was to get back the sole possession left behind by&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;his mother for remembrance.Unfortunately…It was more complex than he thought. That necklace
meant everything to Rachel as well.So Vincent had been trying everything to get the necklace back for
the past three years.Rachel, on the other hand, was trying her best to keep the necklace. She would
not let Vincent have it. Because of this necklace, the both of them had crossed paths ceaselessly for
three years.Both of them could not stand each other.Elisa sighed helplessly, “This cannot keep going
on. Both of you should talk it out.”Rachel gritted her teeth. “You know, too, that this man is determined.
Besides, this is something about his biological mother. He would never give up. At the same time, I
won’t either. So we can only remain at a stalemate.”
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