Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 578

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&#lt;p&#gt;With Jessie’s icy gaze, the elder complained intelligibly in the back seat.Norman soon became silent
when he realized his futile attempt to correct the situation.Jessie ignored him and focused on driving
them back to the company.Thankfully, everyone in the company continued to collaborate despite the
10% change. Gareth decided the amount with faith in Elisa’s reliable strategy. The staff of the company
together breathed a sigh of relief over the new plan. The new decree suggests that the former business
arrangement with Wickam’s is still in place.After discussion, Mr. Markee pulled out his phone to provide
Elisa with the news.Rachel announced her suspicions, “Aren’t the demands from the Benett Group
quite specific? Why did they agree?”Elisa shrugged, “Are you sure the Benett Group guessed
correctly?”With doubts in her eyes, Rachel glanced at Elisa uneasily, “What do you mean?”The woman
bit her lip, “Gareth trusts in my plan. They have their own business, but it can take some time until the
necessary technology is available.” Elisa conceded, “At least according to Mr. Markee, we have the
high ground. Everyone in the group knows this, but Norman’s group is powerless to do anything about
it.”Rachel was still confused. “Correct, but what does their speculation have to do with this?”Elisa
grinned. She tapped on Rachel’s forehead, “Use your brain, love. It’s established that Gareth has a
leash over the Benett’s, but someone else steers the ship.” She patted her hand, “We will hear from
Mrs. Wickam over the matter. There are hidden terms that will be revealed.” Rachel’s eyes widened,
“Oh! Now I get it. That Mrs. Wickam is crafty.”“Supply and demand. How will the world function without
it?” Elisa grinned.Her confidante smirked, “Smart-ass! But then again, Aunt Rose should be able to
discern the family’s next course of action. Mrs. Wickam knows this, right?”Elisa sighed, “It’s hard to
figure out the next step since they know Mrs. Wickam is pulling the strings. They will find some way to
gain back her good graces.”Rachel popped a gum in her mouth, “Well, if I were you, I would find your
illusive spy.” She bit her lip, “Gareth knowing what we know is dangerous.”“We’ll find that snitch soon
enough.”She nodded, “You’ve gained some power, but life would be easier if there were no big honcho
after your head. You ever think of that?”Elisa mumbled, “Perhaps you can accompany me to see
someone right now.”“Huh? Who?”…The Mental hospital.Elisa and Rachel drove for an hour and a half&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;before reaching the isolated area.“Linda.” Rachel whispered, “It’s her. I guess Linda can call it home at
this point.”Elisa conceded, “Let’s go in.”Rachel eyed her, “Explain to me why you want to visit this
tramp? You have the privilege of not seeing her.” Her companion groaned, “Well? Are you gaining
evidence of something? Meeting her will be a guaranteed show of a mad woman. And we both know
she is a terrible actress.”
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