Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 550

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&#lt;p&#gt;Her disappointment gradually changed to suspicion, “Is this really the case?”“Yes.” Rose smiled.
“Would your own mother lie to you? The coma may have gotten you in a daze!”Norman finally
eased.Suddenly, the door of the ward opened.Out came three doctors to examine Linda.The doctor
didn’t say anything until after the investigation. “Miss Benett is fine. All the physical indicators are fine,
but… she has been in a coma for too long. I suggest you stay in the hospital for another three days
under observation. She can leave the hospital then. Will that be, okay?”Rose nodded, “Okay, then we’ll
stay in the hospital for a few more days.”The doctor nodded.In the ward, there were only three of them
left.Only then did Linda speak, “I don’t know what’s going on, I just felt dizzy at the time. I feel weak
even after being asleep for the last few days. It feels like weeks, and I swore I heard Garry call onto
me.”Rose smiled, “Well, he has been with you this whole time.”“Mom, I have nothing else to do. I’m
leaving the hospital, and I’m going to find Garry.” As she spoke, Linda lifted the quilt and was about to
get up.The expressions of the couple changed. Her father tried to stop, “You can’t go! You just caused
him to feel guilty. Does he still have compassion? You are staying in the hospital. Stay here until the
engagement!” “Isn’t it in three days?” Linda was a little flustered, feeling that something was wrong.Her
father and mother didn’t dare to tell her the truth. Rose smiled and held her hand, “Girl, you just listen
to your father. Don’t we know what’s best for you?”Linda pursed her lips but refrained from
answering.Although she knew this, she still felt…unconvinced.I need to see Gareth now!Seeing her
reaction, Rose replied, “Linda, things are different now. The man is not easy to feel remorse. He has
developed doubts, so let’s not bother him now. All right?”Linda frowned and closed her eyes.“Mom, I’m
hungry.”“Oh yes! Hurry! Get some hot porridge!”Norman hurried with the food.Linda looked at her
parents, “Mom, does Garry…regret it?”Rose frowned, “Could it be your coma messed up your head?
You’ve been together this long! Silly girl! Don’t fill your head with worries!”Linda pursed her lips and
stopped talking. Her heart is telling her otherwise…She was getting more anxious.But…They didn’t
know.On the official account of the Wickam family… They’ve… posted the news.The marriage contract&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;was officially terminated. However, Gareth was covering costs and compensation.When Elisa found out
about this, she was taking a shower in the bathroom when the door suddenly opened.
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Chapter 550
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