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Chapter 543

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&#lt;p&#gt;She was an insider, so of course, she knew!Benett Corporation passed this project to Elisa because
they knew it was bound to fail. Even if it did go through, Benett Corporation wouldn’t have the right
people for the job. What would they do then? Weren’t they just playing her? Elisa wasn’t someone that
would let that happen. She wasn’t going to make this work. But… where is she getting her confidence
from, and what will she do?Rachel glanced at Elisa with a meaningful gaze. Cold sweat was breaking
out just from thinking about it.Elisa seemed unbothered as she replied with a beam, “You might see it
as a question, but to me, it’s not something that I put to heart.”Sean raised a brow and waited for her to
continue silently.“Benett Corporation deals with wood and is prospering in all aspects. From the data I
have, no corporation can say they have the same revenue as us. But ignoring that, Benett Corporation
also deals with many other things that are still being developed. I can say for sure that the project I
showed you is unique, and no one else would even think about it.”Sean raised his eyes, and the lines
on his forehead deepened significantly.“You might think you’re prioritizing your family and peace by
letting go of your wishes, but one lie would bring a travesty to the family. Who will be willing to take on
such a challenge?”Elisa smiled, but Rachel was jittery to the side.“As for this project you’ve devised, it
only benefits the rich. But think about it, how many of those people can actually afford to pick up this
challenge? Who will do it? Once it becomes open to the public, their family will break apart, and you’ll
be the instigator.”Rachel was sweating bullets from her forehead. Sean’s questions were becoming
increasingly invasive; this was just his first point. How will Elisa reply to such a tricky question?Elisa’s
face was calm. She didn’t look bothered by the question.“There are big and small circles among the
rich. We’re targeting those outside the big circle but have just enough to be considered well-off.”Rachel
was dumbfounded. Elisa definitely has the gift of the gab… She’s too good… She’s so unfazed by this
situation. I’m so jealous…Elisa did not look at Rachel. She continued as she fixed her gaze on Sean,
“Those in the big circles will probably not participate, but lesser-off families like challenges. It all
depends on whether they can maintain it or not. Our plan is not to get confessions, so how can we
flush them out?” Elisa continued as she still saw a glint of hesitation in Sean’s eyes, “Also, our project&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;is for families of three. It promotes harmony between families and will deepen the relationship between
them. They’ll learn that family is the most important after going through hardships with them and that
they should trust and love their family.” Elisa hurriedly gave Sean some address, causing him to be
dumbstruck…He slightly frowned as he thought Elisa made sense. After a moment of pause, he
opened his mouth and said, “Alright, let me give you the second condition.”“Alright.” Elisa said while her
lips slowly dragged upwards.…In Wickam Residence, Gareth returned home after receiving a call from
Darren. He saw Darren sitting on the couch in the living room when he walked in.Darren had one leg
crossed over the other as he read the newspaper. He adjusted his glasses when he saw Gareth and
said stoically, “Did you know that the Tabor family is here?”Gareth made a sound of
acknowledgment.Darren nodded and then put down the newspaper.“You should get engaged to
Nicole.” He said matter-of-factly.
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