Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 514

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&#lt;p&#gt;Then why did she seem aloof when he visited her? She even seemed disgusted.Why wasn’t she
touched?From the moment James entered the ward, Elisa did not spare any glances at Gareth. She
was busy chatting happily with James and Rachel.He seemed to be invisible to her.James suddenly felt
that something was not quite right in the ward. Only then he noticed Gareth. He smiled warmly at
Gareth.“Mr. Wickam, what brings you here today?”It was an unexpected visit. Gareth should be busy
now.Gareth simply answered. “I’m free today.”Although… Everyone ignored him just now. He did not
mind since he was a cold person.Even if they ignored him, it would not make him wait on them.Rachel,
too, could feel the awkwardness in the air. She paused for a moment, then spoke with a smile. “Well…
I’m heading out for some air.”Elisa nodded at her.Three people were left in the ward.Elisa gave Gareth
a look. Although they did not speak, it was obvious what Elisa wanted from Gareth.Are you not leaving
yet?Gareth avoided Elisa’s gaze and looked at James.“Mr. Markee, you are having quite a hard time at
the company recently, aren’t you?”The smile on James’ face froze. But shortly after, James regained
his composure and answered, “Why are you asking this out of the blue?”He almost blurted to Gareth
about how rude it was for him to say such insensitive words.Gareth did not seem to realize anything
wrong with his words. He simply answered, “Mr. Markee, you wish to help your old friend achieve his
dreams. But you can’t do it. Perhaps I can help you.” James hesitated for a moment. Then he chuckled,
“There is no free lunch in this world. I don’t think I’ll be able to repay you.”Elisa frowned lightly. She
glanced at Gareth. Was he planning on getting Uncle James on his side? Then he could have Uncle
James convince me to work with him.But Uncle James likes Will more.Elisa leaned against her
bedhead. She did not plan to interfere in this.The two men continued exchanging opinions. But it was
all just small talk.Nevertheless… Elisa could feel Gareth’s sincerity. He had offered quite a few benefits
that seemed appealing to James. But the next moment, he smiled. “We appreciate your sincere offer,
Mr. Wickam. But as you can see, I’m occupied with many tedious tasks. If I make the wrong decision, I
might get into deep trouble. Elisa is my old friend’s daughter. I must protect her no matter what.”Gareth
glanced at the woman coldly and answered in a calm voice. “Elisa is my grandma’s biological&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;granddaughter.”Elisa was stunned.She turned toward Gareth. Is he trying to use his connections now?
A moment later, Elisa answered calmly, “Mr. Wickam, you can talk to Norman about many things. You
don’t have to waste so much time on Uncle James. You make me feel as if you must have me. Or is
it… An illusion?”The sarcasm in her words was extremely obvious.Gareth pursed his lips. The look in
his eyes was icy. He looked very dangerous. But the next moment later, he smiled with his eyes.Elisa
was confused.An illusion?Even James was taken aback. Something was fishy about the two.Gareth
answered immediately. “What do you think then? Do you think I must have you?”
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