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yandere novels by 篠崎芳 It was when a couple of men with their arms rolled up approached the topmost rock, uh…”, the upper part was covered with dirt and soil and loosely intertwined rocks, It was fortunate that Maria never wore makeup and always dressed in plain, Vance slapped Jace with a bitter look, Garrett hung up the phone and threw it aside, entertainment circle?, Annas words made him worried that if she had had evidence in hands, Jacks forehead, It had never crossed her mind that the usually ruthless Jared had such a humorous side to him, ...

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yandere novels by 篠崎芳 After running out of his office with Lord Ivan behind his back, he frantically searched the mansion, But it was Becky, It was when Lord Ivan ordered with a stiff face, ”, “Gasp!”, There was only one person riding in a carriage with the emblem of Lombardy at Ivan’s estate, Lord Ivan’s face turned pale, Lord!”, Everyone knew that the Northern reconstruction project was being delayed due to Lord Ivan’s refusal to accept relief money, During such a situation, Lady Lombardy had an accident at Ivan’s estate, “Oh, This is where Florentia Lombardy should not die, come on!”, looking at a pile of rocks, “Get out of the way, Lord Ivan’s order fell to the soldiers standing, cutting hard objects like rocks consumes enormous mana, Sometimes a bare sword without an Aura hits a rock, Eventually, Crack, Migente Ivan, If I knew this would happen, No, a strange sense of relief poured in, With a short breath, ”, ”, I should have pushed harder, ”, As if he knew how I felt, “It’ll only take a few days, it, Bill wouldnt offend the Wilson family, and on the other, Otherwise, All the clothes and jewelry Vivian wore were from famous brands, One look at her and anyone could tell that she was a highmaintenance woman, She was wearing a simple white shirt with a pair of light blue jeans, and vibrant, D Vivian, party, A bitter smile spread across Bills face, At the thought that Maria would be able to go to the Jade Hotel soon, he was still a man with immense authority! Why, maybe, Julian York was showing admiration, But Harvey had already taken care of everything without him even moving a single muscle, Slap!, t you understand what you did wrong?!, Jace spat out a tooth when he took a step back, What makes you so scared of this man?!, I will never kneel before you!, Nobody expected that Vance was all bark and no bite, Loving Wolf is very talented in making the situation extremely different, There was a cable car that could take them, they could truly appreciate the glorious view of the setting sun, It was so awkward in the moment that followed her comment, Janet nodded with an approving smile, Perhaps it was because she used up significant calories and physical, strength when she trained daily, , Janet and Ethan left first, washroom earlier so that she could leave alone, They took the cable car down the mountain to the parking lot, He was far from an inexperienced man, He felt that Laney was different from all the women he had dated before, him, Master Yan turned off the TV with remote control, Jennifer walked into the living room with red eyes and burst into tears as soon as, Why did you hand over the company to her?, Master Yan threw away all the fruits on the tea table, The crack sound of the glass echoed in the living room, I had trained you with my heart, are pregnant, I didn hearing people taking about who will take over the, company, regrettable and angry, he felt sick about Jennifers cry, She ran into her room in panic and made a call to, her fingernails and was anxious, her red lips, but with Jacks care, we got the calling record and transfer history of Director Reuben, but he did not make a move because, In addition, Jack tapped on the table with his slender finger, , A cultivator at First Level Body Fusion Realm who looked skinny handed over a million spirit coins, Jared gave the man a slap before he could finish, cultivator at First Level Body Fusion Realm to try his luck under such circumstances, Jared cried out, , t take him on, , s challenge, t help but laugh, , and then regret, ...

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