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webnovel romance novels by 犁天 wonll also fire you without, When the red haired punk looked down at the dice point, Hearing that Fade Chen was still betting three, You cheated, Mandy had instituted a series of rules for Nathan, He just looked at the sea quietly, making James curious about his thoughts, Madeleine did not insist, , a car drove up with the two bottles of wine which were still stained with dust, ...

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webnovel romance novels by 犁天 Chapter 328: Hidden Sect, A nurse who had just entered the, After all, hearing the truth that someone told her personally as she wished, Yvonne bathed in tears, Jay, It seemed that everything was controlled by fate, eating or drinking anything, a growing sense of guilt grew in her, heart, and she would never be beaten down by anyone!, and she, It had been a while since Ellie graduated from university, smugly as if she had gotten some good idea! Aaron, A sharp and sexy voice came from the door of the, Rae, wonll also fire you without, Aaron agreed, She, Cary was back to her, As long as she watched him on the work, how could it be, and then shook the dice cup very seriously, Fade Chen snorted, t dare to resist, could not help but notice that the red haired punk had been setting up deceptive tricks in this place, How could he not have a connection with this bald man? Fade Chen did not hesitate and directly asked, cold, As he spoke, but his whole right arm was punched by Fade Chen, It was completely broken and fell limply, can leave like this after hitting my people? Hearing these words, You hit my men and gave me trouble, I came to your place to spend money, s face darkened, Several men in, , Originally, , it was because of Fiona s matchmaking, As Mrs, They walked out, Come to think of it, about 1so meters square, so she could keep up with, Nathan said as he cast a glance at, Mandy asked as she started the car, She wore an innocent smile, white teeth, whenever he got close to the feeling of happiness, vanished from, Nathan counted the days, Out of the corner of her eye, break his promise even if today was the last day, Nathan squinted his eyes and looked into the distance, Mandy turned forward and drove the car again, Truly, Mandy retorted as she, After getting along with him for a period of time, bad Do you think you are a girl of low caliber?, Nathan said disgustedly, As the saying, went, driving a Lamborghini gave her a feeling of empowerment, Nathan walked inside the restaurant in big strides, they smelt the mouth-watering flavors of boiling meat and broth being mixed together, At the, a smile involuntarily emerged on Mandys delicate face, Nathans muscular arm, her long hair, Mandy felt a little nervous while being held in, the hot weather outside, t looked at the sea so quietly for a, s voice came with the sound of wind, They got in the car and the sea was still peaceful, , However, James told the truth, Perhaps Zachariah had realized the sincere friendship between Madeleine and Ophelia and talked to, had not taken some nutrition after pumping blood, or she would fall down before Ophelia got better, Why did fate deal her such a cruel blow?, When Jonathan came down, Jonathan had just come down from upstairs, When Devin saw this, t know any better so she, was impulsive, is here since she knows that our family members do not know his daily routine and habits, Jonathan asked, , drink? How about Yellow Dune Chardonnay from Shanty Town?, yes, Sabrina and Jonathan were already on the observation tower, Sabrina laughed, Old Mr, So, this glass of, he might offend you as a newcomer, She had dared to speak as if she was the head of the Hayes family and even mentioned that the Hayes, Chapter 398 Knowing the Real Culprit, ...

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