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under the oaktree by Noh Kyungchan It was not until he saw the genuine cluelessness on Jareds face that Henry decided to spell it out for, All I want is to focus on getting into Maxwell University so I can help my, replied while walking toward the classroom, She was about to knock on the door when Marcus spotted her and stood up to welcome her, Arielle said, that, Today I finally have, Venus snorted, Don, With fingers fondling her coffee cup, ...

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under the oaktree by Noh Kyungchan Something Going On, Jared had confusion written all over his face, Henry had noticed Trisha as well and shifted his gaze back and forth between Jared and Trisha, he wrapped an arm around JaredHey, you hiding something from me?, Jared questioned in confusion, Henry winked at Jared like he had already figured out, his secret, him, Jared frowned as he asked, How is that, possible?, I saw you two having supper by yourselves when I came back last night, couple on a date! Tell me, are you into her?, I, cant date anyone right now, All I want is to focus on getting into Maxwell University so I can help my, brother support the family in the future, Grandpa isnt getting any younger, and some of his men are already coveting his wealth and power, re not dating at all, We were going, All right, then, Jared paused in his tracks and shot Henry a glare as he said, Shut your mouth, This time, Being content with what he had, Henry was not really ambitious and lived a carefree life, Upon arrival at the principals office to get her withdrawal procedures done, Arielle heard Marcus, She was about to knock on the door when Marcus spotted her and stood up to welcome her, I, Marcus froze for a moment before clearing his throat as he asked, Are you still mad about yesterday, Arielle replied with a wry smile, m not mad, I no longer have a reason, that, She was never there to study to begin with, Having found some clues about the man in the photograph and confirmed that he had nothing to do, she no longer had a reason to stick around, Realizing that she had already made up her mind, forms, Chapter 1046: Speak Nicely, This fellow had been arrogant and despotic since he was young, Ling Chuxi found it hard to believe that there would be a day when this fellow would be shy, but she really could not explain the scene in front of her, Venus Mu, I really, Ive been thinking a lot about our old days, at school, Reminiscing about the past? No, I really, dont want to remember the past at all right now because I feel like a big fool when I think of all the, times I used to be with you, ve figured out now, that Kerry Ye wont want to live like this anymore, If you don, Of course she didnt a three-year-old child anymore, I was really wrong, friendship for an unattainable love and Ive been regretting it for the past few days, she wondered what was the reason that made her grovel, and before drinking it, Venus snorted, , Xinyou just said that, but she didnt think that Venus took it seriously, so she cursed her inwardly, but in, order to make her believe, I, Xinyou, swear to God, if there is any, Venus hadnt expected her to actually swear and she even had believed her for a moment, she didnt care her parents anymore, Taking a sip of warm coffee, Venus found it was quite bitter, Don, She was so happy on the surface, but she was gloating inside, Venus, Xinyou saw it was the time and said affectionately, t we go shopping? We, haven, With fingers fondling her coffee cup, , some advice, Advice? She remembered when they went shopping for clothes at school, always tell her that she had a bad taste and that she had to buy the clothes she recommended, Now, she was really stupid to listen to her and the clothes she bought were black, t go, , Xinyou shouted a big inwardly!, She really paid a lot to lie to her, she would have to give herself a treat, pair of good friends, ...

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