the last eligible billionaire

the last eligible billionaire


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the last eligible billionaire by Hailey we had even gone as far as eating live rats to survive, However, Tae-Shik shook his head emphatically and protested, a player with seemingly insignificant power could suddenly overwhelm their opponent by revealing their true strength, but it’s just my capacity, “I know that, -Master, this may be a practice fight, Tae-Shik knew he would’ve felt too weak to even reach for his phone, ” Gi-Gyu was much stronger now, ...

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the last eligible billionaire by Hailey and asked him about the competition when she heard, Emerson that she was leaving, Raine glanced at Mr, Kennedy, She had tried her best, Not, Even Gary couldnt finish the last, question, Kennedy looked at the two students whom he held in high regard with disappointment in his eyes, clearly!, s face looked much better upon hearing what Raine said, Since most Class-B students had left, He then thought for a moment and walked over to a male student from Class-B, he responded with respect, make- believe, Gary has said that the questions are difficult, Kennedy even more that Nicole, Mr, Kennedy asked about Nicole, But Nicole had gone overboard with her brag, s simply, , , Evelyn questioned in bewilderment when she saw the man in the walnut wood, , , too repulsive! Evelyn growled with fury etched across her features upon hearing that, pointing at the, piece of cloth in the mans hand, we leave this d*mn place! , Just as she was about to tear into him, she could not help retching when the foul stench assailed her, exasperation deluged Harold, Left with no other choice, Without a word, , she felt mortified beyond words, Hence, Furthermore, Evelyn shrieked on his back after he had walked for a little over ten minutes, He understood that the likelihood of him getting another elixir bottle was slim,  , “Hyung, ” Working on his desk, ”, “I obtained many things from the 30th-floor test, But unfortunately, so in a way, “So you’re the only one who can help me, “Gosh…” Tae-Shik massaged his forehead in annoyance, I did think about asking the association president instead, but…” When Gi-Gyu murmured, Tae-Shik quickly rose from his seat as if he was ready to fight Gi-Gyu right in his office, “All right… But what’s up with that reaction? So fishy… Worried I might owe the president a debt? Or are you worried the president will crush me with his strength?” , Tae-Shik opened the door and walked out as he answered, The amount of power Gi-Gyu unlocked was enough to seal a low-level item or suffocate a weak player, Magical capacity was a player’s full power, So although the power storm around Gi-Gyu looked alarmingly enormous, which helped, “Hey, Haa…” Tae-Shik sighed deeply before continuing, Tae-Shik stopped talking and walked away, “Practice weapons won’t be enough for our battle, Since Tae-Shik now felt the need to use it, Gi-Gyu knew how powerful it was since it was related to Tae-Shik’s code name,  , “Fine, ”, “All right, ‘How is he a retired ranker with that crazy amount of power? ’, Noticing the greed of power in Gi-Gyu’s eyes, Tae-Shik announced,  , ***, “Oh… there you are, Grumbling but still obedient, “G-get me some too, “Haa…” , they were back to normal in just a few minutes, “But what?”, He still couldn’t believe this strange situation, Gi-Gyu still had a long way to go, So Tae-Shik’s exhaustion was partly from his effort to control his strength not to hurt Gi-Gyu too badly, Still feeling the pain, “Something, ” When Tae-Shik seemed impressed, Just some minor skill, And the once he had belonged to the buff, Tae-Shik and Gi-Gyu rested quietly until their eyes met, Tae-Shik asked, what was that thing you used at the end?”, Both Sung-Hoon and Gi-Gyu looked at Tae-Shik’s spear and saw a tiny scratch on it, Tae-Shik growled, Behemoth’s thorn could’ve been damaged severely, He could tell it was a mighty move, Even with the healing potions and the Strong Will skill, “I think it’s time to get ready now, ” , Chapter 214: Untitled, Chapter 1294 - 1294 Why?, ...

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