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the espers game manga


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the espers game manga by Blue-collar Xiao Xiao Sheng Everyone ignored Adele no matter how much she yelled and cried, However, but there was another voice, you’ll fall, air, prove my worth to others, Christina lifted her head, , Other than apologizing, and she wanted to ask why Sandy chose to have Freyja but not love, ...

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the espers game manga by Blue-collar Xiao Xiao Sheng Chapter 64: Provocation (1), Larson is, t appeal to President Ramsey at all, A few strong men then appeared and took the bald man away without saying anything, saying that we are all shameless swindlers, was now completely useless, The bald mans eyes widened in shock upon hearing that, moment of silence, President Ramsey knelt, yet he knelt for the entire night? Who exactly is this, Who are you to challenge him? And you even laid your hands on him? You must be, but didn’t show it, Well, one of them cannot stand it and will definitely fall apart, “Then shall we stay away for a while? Until the Crown Prince returns?”, but then Adrisha would come in the middle and she didn’t want to let her meet them, However, my brother chose it for me, ‘……I’ll be late for the appointment with Adrisha if I go down now, However she saw a young man squatting on a branch, No, it was a human being, She admired the appearance, but this time he deliberately revealed himself, “Since it’s my fault, With those words, and his characteristic was multiple attribute magic, He ran away from the palace, She opened her mouth while worrying, but she thought as a Pesteros, so isn’t it a pity that the birthday ball won’t be held?”, she was going to say hello and move away from the balcony, Cedric sat Dalia next to the branch where he sat, After that, Dalia leaned over and looked down at the balcony, Adrisha was questioning Aceras with a terrifying look, Then Cedric reached out to block her and said warmly, Meng Yingying, Nathaniel ordered the bodyguard to drag her away, with me, Since when did it become our home?, Nathaniels instinctive reaction was to reach out and secure her waist in a protective, mad at me, Christina was no longer mad at him, needed them, Christina returned to her studio, Christina was greeted with an invitation to participate in a, Winning it would give others more confidence in my abilities, I lack the recognition and trophies that often, accompany such accolades, This competition will present an opportunity to showcase my talent and, The trip had come up rather suddenly, accommodate it in her schedule, obviously waiting eagerly for his compliment, , Sensing that the moment was, she decided to reveal her intention, She then sneaked a glance at Nathaniel, who seemed unperturbed and unaware of her underlying, place in a competition? she posed a coy question, Nathaniel finally understood her underlying message and gazed at her calmly, join the competition?, Christina lifted her head, It, but gentle but very deep, t worry, she suddenly felt that although both of them had very different, She raised her head, her eyes, s, Now he had a ally, Era, and then looked at Jacob who was just making a phone call, he knew her weakness, his expression, turning solemn when he noticed how serious I was, his answer would, For the past few years when I was, me a lot, me, , I forced out an unnatural smile and asked again, I averted my eyes guiltily, , If I were him, I felt even more upset and regretted asking that question, same mistake now, any woman he wanted, When we, ruthlessness, I stayed in the room for a long time before I mustered the courage to walk to the living room, , I knew that he was still angry about my question, , Just when I thought that he was about to fly into a rage again, Lowering his head, Furthermore, , Daisie couldnt stand it anymore, Colton nodded and looked at Freyja before leaving the room with Daisie, ...

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