the beginning after the end-chapter 161

the beginning after the end-chapter 161


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the beginning after the end-chapter 161 by Feng Nong Thanks, as it didn’t differ greatly from all others who had tried to face the Calamities before him, Picking the seal among the great multitude of possibilities that were open to him was for a simple reason, ”, I smiled softly again,   facing Cabel looking at me with a deadpan expression, Have you completed it?, He fixed an attentive gaze on the screen, Larson that my daughter was rescued, You can pass the card to, ...

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the beginning after the end-chapter 161 by Feng Nong The Emperor immediately returned to his airship after the meeting, Sungchul decided to continue drinking alone as he left the Imperial encampment, Though all the soldiers of the Empire were wary of Sungchul, Ahmuge nodded, ”, The direction hadn’t changed but there was something significantly different about her, “I didn’t want to believe it, there are a lot of changes going on in many different ways, Once she opened her eyes again, ”, Ahmuge immediately looked very displeased, ‘She’s the type that can’t lie, I’ll get to the main point, Ahmuge took one step back, Ahmuge finally opened her lips, Ahmuge disappeared into the darkness after speaking her piece, The first to come to senses was Marakia, He immediately glared at Ahmuge before chastising her, you lowly human!”, ‘So Ahmuge had this side to her as well, ’, “Ho?”, Ahmuge replied as she continued to examine Marakia closely, ‘So Lord Marakia was once like this, Ahmuge remembered very clearly, the sight of the black winged King’s entire body slowly rotting away after being hit by a weapon of Calamity that afflicted disease upon victims, Lord Marakia, Marakia was about to begin searching his surroundings with magic when Sungchul finally revealed himself, ”, “Hmm? Why did you appear all of a sudden?”, ”, but it was already too late to be able to catch Ahmuge, “That’s not a bad idea, But despite what he had said, The seal itself seemed to contain an unusual power, It was because he didn’t have to go very far, The seal was commanding Sungchul to head back to the Tower, without any rough roads, but I couldn’t afford to stop for a moment, I had to walk straight forward, I made a decision, My decision was solidified even further that afternoon, Beyond my simple appreciation and sense of duty towards Cabel, achromous colors, I didn’t go to sleep, I’d wanted to let Cabel know in advance, so I decided to visit him myself at night, it was a pretty good guess, as I expected, One side of the tent was rolled up in order to see outside clearly, who was watching me silently, Perhaps because it was raining, ”, but I tried again, I was disappointed by the pathetic stare telling me that I was speaking nonsense, Biting back my anger, ”, “…, that’s right, Just sleep for a moment, Weren’t you unable to sleep yesterday, too?”, I’d already confided in him before, I just can’t really seem to sleep, ”, There was only one small lamp in the tent, deserted room…, I couldn’t help smiling a little since he finally agreed to sleep, His eyes were deep and submerged in shadow, but it seems his exhaustion from the past few weeks finally caught up with him, I can’t say if it’s a good thing or not, Maybe this is the real reason why I knocked Cabel out so quickly with my powers, giving him a dark atmosphere, He’s like a black and white painting, It felt like an hour had already passed, I had seen some blankets in the corner, In case my movement woke Cabel up, I poured out more divine power before moving forward very slowly, Fortunately, roughly brushed off the dust, it couldn’t cover his legs, Pull it up over his shoulders this way, I had bent my upper body slightly and tilted my head forward to properly cover his shoulders with the blanket, Chapter 394: It Was Here, When Arthur regarded Wendy, the smile on his face vanished immediately, she did not understand that Jadeborough, have a revision with all of you this week, Let Arthur said, Nevertheless, Jason was pleased, she purposely uploaded her video to, s tiring, the manager saw the girl in the video, everything was a mess when Mr, but ours would cost over 300, This womans identity was definitely not ordinary!, Demi announced, the woman jeered, then I will give this card to him myself!, ...

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