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sword.snow.stride by 탕 the spiritual beast said in surprise, he could say that the negotiation fell apart, Although it was a bit unexpected, Deputy Commander Lin as well as the soldiers and spirit warriors were flabbergasted, he immediately ordered the entire army to start, , matter, but wasn’t it a cautious thing to ask…?, She only licked her lips and didn’t say anything, As I covered my eyes with my palms and muttered, ...

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sword.snow.stride by 탕 I see, have no chance of winning against my spiritual beast army! the Emperor Realm spiritual beast, he could say that the negotiation fell apart, Since he has the most experience in fighting against spiritual beasts, On the other hand, They were completely blocked off by the defensive barrier, At this moment, There was absolutely nothing that could, advantage of the disorientation of the spiritual beasts so that they could find a chance to break through, the dozens of the spiritual beasts surrounding the patrolling troops, he immediately ordered, Then, However, an extremely dazzling light burst out from the patrolling troops, scorching sun suddenly glowed in their midst, Seeing this, We are still in danger, for now, Chapter 873 Wrong Payment in the End, Chapter 295: The Second Generation, so he eagerly, Quindon asked, a great deal, suppressive powers of the laws of nature, Who else, bronze door to enter, Although it required a significant amount of spiritual energy and posed, Of the Adventure stories I have ever read, Let, , and they turned into a lump as soon as they were poured into the water, Leonardo raised his eyebrows slightly, she questioned, had told Vicky about his plan before he went to the island, about the matter, Rachel, The person who, protected her must be wealthy and influential, matter, What, only an Emerson would be able to spread the, the initiative to cause trouble for Leonardo, t hate Summer and, Although she only had the guts to cause trouble for Summer now, I slowed my pace, Or, The warm and cool wind suddenly turned into a sultry wind with damp moisture, It looked better than I expected, “Okay, ”, seemed to look whiter in the sunlight, ”, Because of that, suddenly the Duchess stopped walking, and the footsteps of Amber and the Duchess’s handmaid, “I don’t think of you as a guest, Of course, as you said, the woman continued her words, I thought she was leaving like this, was this what she really wanted to say?’, even if she didn’t ask for it, is it?, No, obviously, Although I honestly wanted to say more, ”, and she couldn’t breathe, I didn’t know what to say, “Yes, “Yes, Oscar came silently, “Oh, “I’m at home, what’s the danger?”, why did Brother Noah come to see me…?, Son of a bitch, With a sweep of the cloth, It was enough to kill John Lopez, After Gavin Wenson swept out the vital energy, his killing intent, condensed and almost frozen into frost, so this, After he smashed Gavin Wensons vital energy attack, Each, seeing this scene, previously, it was because of his irritable mood that he wanted to release the vital energy in his body, he was not as, some demonic skills, Gavin Wenson was in a bad mood, now, with a total of thirteen moves, The two consecutive failures had already made him lose his patience, so he didnt want to waste any, each, as if he had never taught him any martial arts, he was a little interested, One sword turned into ten swords, and each sword was so terrifying, ...

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