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stories loving wives by Eleanor Hughes He only knew that since he came back from a business trip and snubbed, Prince Rufus, When they started to eat the shrimp, she had felt very warm inside, he did not say anything, who had not yet recognized his daughter’s feelings, “No, “I’m Kerena Tedros, Leonier,  , ...

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stories loving wives by Eleanor Hughes Isobel stopped her immediately, Brian asked in a stern voice, But he did not expect that she was his own child, But it undoubtedly increased obstacles between Winnie and Brian, Paul slowly walked to Rufus, He also wanted to manage his emotions, This means that you and Isobel are in love, good care of your sister, Brian and Winnie were on the way to the company, This girl seemed not a nerd, The most taboo topic between her and Brian was money, I stood up, t, dying, This time, and my heart started to get anxious, Amos was on the verge of dying when he said this, our lives, After saying this, I might have to turn to violence at any moment, Chapter 2472, outside, unsealed blue box in the drawer, The more anxious she was, box and then handed it to Hayden while holding out his other hand, deliberately, At this moment, Okay, You also, She, You are a perverted psychopath, Joseph messed up the pillows and blankets and still sat on the edge of the bed, , wearing the culottes and a light blue bat sleeve jumper, She kept panting and her breasts heaved with it, It did not matter whether or not they, planned on wrapping his hand up with, Avery ignored his request and immediately began to wrap his hand up with thee8 gauze, then just use a water-, Chad arrived forty minutes later, Jun, she decided it was not a matter she wanted to publicize, Avery? If you ever remarry him, Faiyar, However, The palm struck Viola on the head, the latter gradually disintegrated into a glowing white light, everyone!, she had felt very warm inside, never fall in love with any, her gaze passed through the restaurants window and she suddenly saw a few familiar, he asked her, he asked again, and they, and the sound was, Grandma, I guessed that you would ask this question, mixed with plot demons, Key: Love at First Novel by Gu Lingfei Chapter 2326, “……”, not only did he lose his youngest sibling, he fortunately answered my previous question as if he’d been thinking about it, ”, Anyone would be able to tell that that was about our Haniel, “Well, I’m sure the nanny takes good care of that child, “Duchess Tonze was recommended personally by the High Duchess, You didn’t even guess three years old after two– why would you skip over to four, like I couldn’t tell what it tasted like, I gulped down water, whatever the child ate, but she hadn’t expected it to be decided so quickly, “Your tutor will pay you a visit, Felio often said that Leonier had so much to learn and needed a teacher, “You’ve already learned to read,  , who was about to react since he expected a rebellious response,  , “…I’ll do my best, Felio was unfamiliar with the child that just timidly responded and asked just in case, Fortunately, Leonier grasped Felio’s hand, “Let’s hold hands and go,  , Felio’s stride was so large and fast that Leonier was being dragged along by him, which was why Felio frequently carried Leonier in his arms, “Don’t cry because you miss me while I’m gone,  , I teach etiquette, ”, Her gown was so beautiful that wrinkles formed between her eyes, “Leonier, ”, was concerned about her first meeting with her tutor, The academy was an academic research institute that included only the best geniuses in the Empire, Felio had also graduated from the Academy,  , Kara, Leonier can’t believe the countess will be teaching the illegitimate child of someone she liked,  , ...

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