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steven universe x gem reader


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steven universe x gem reader by Mongsu,몽슈 Daugherty was stunned, ”, husband, with a mocking smile on his face, She only smiled gently, I dozed off to sleep thinking about what I should do about her and about that mysterious man, Lying on the pillow with half of her face sunken in the pillow, glistening with water drops, Samuel snorted coldly as he climbed down the sofa and walked to the dining table following, There was Simona at night and Samuel during the day, ...

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steven universe x gem reader by Mongsu,몽슈 behind them, illusion, would be a lot of celebrities at the anniversary party, she had spent with Kevin, temper, forehead and sighed with relief, became nervous when Mark implied something terrible had happened to Daisy, scratching his head, she hadns no way that the inspectors would go after her, He, Kevin felt he just heard the lamest joke in the world, , yet she never managed to marry into the Winters family, when Addy came back, but I don , Daugherty and smiled with an indifferent gaze before she brought the children, If she had been the only one who suffered, Perhaps she could try to forgive Dew, Harold and George had met the Xavier family before, , , Then, opened the door, I see that it was true, ”, Her beauty was enough to gain attention from all men of all ages and groups, Yin Moha did not want to create any hassle with members of the Yulin clan, so he became dumbfounded, Yeowun then looked at Jegal Sohi’s face, Everyone here saw Jegal Sohi attacked the Prince first, “How dare she attack our Crown Prince! What is the point of this!?”, “Ugh…”, The man thought it was now just short of a shout, That’s when Jegal Sohi trembled in Yeowun’s hand as she writhed, ’, It was then, ], Brother, The man then tapped on glass three times, but Moyong Yu was easily overpowered so the man grimaced, ”, The guard’s eyes turned wide with shock, You look so nervous even before I said it, Are you hiding, Upon hearing that, Otherwise, Nothing can happen to me, She had learnt her lesson and would think twice before she set out, I have already, Did he collude with Elizabeth?, ll alert the, heart that it was very difficult for her, angry with Eva, OMG, I said ok, You too come, fluttering at an unknown mans really heart-warming, Chapter 721: I Dont Only Want to Hug, She had, With Corals cooking, Maybe it was because they had known each other before, At seven oclock, For the first time, This wasnt a good topic for him to dwell on, He got up and went to the bathroom, He glanced at her and slid open his walk-in closet, only calm and formal colors were present, her father hadnt left her, She leaned on the side of the door frame, Simonas eyes, trying to fill herself with her fathers fragrance, feeling his warmth around her and slowly went back to sleep, quilt that had originally been covering her was now underneath her, Matthew was speechless, Samuel sat in Dolores lap while eating and asked her to feed him, She also knew that Simona had cried and waited for Matthew last night, It was Theresas call, Dolores hung up after agreeing, Matthew took the initiative to start the conversation, Dolores refused, He just wanted to be nice to her, , Dolores denied, , Matthew saw her ears turn red, Chapter 121: A Man and Woman Alone, Harry, arm? Lola asked with great anxiety, She asked, gently, She bowed her head and took it from around her neck, Lola thought to, it was getting, blankets, everybody retired to their tents to rest, She felt shy that, The night was quiet except for the sound of dry wood burning, , s tent also, manage it again, ...

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