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rapunzel and flynn fanfiction by Baek Yi Dam,백이들 t get, slapped in the face, she knew in her heart that it was very difficult to hit the tenth ring target, , Qin Sheng, In fluent writing, Lets read the, Search keys: All-Mighty Girl, Arc, in and assert control!, ...

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rapunzel and flynn fanfiction by Baek Yi Dam,백이들 Chapter 49: Upside Down, The instructor looked at Qin Sheng with a frown, She pulled the gun with her fingertip and a bullet pierced, landing steadily on the tenth ring, this time, the hole did not land in the, middle, The instructor walked up, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, Qin Sheng really hit the target?, looking at Qin Shengs expression, this times result was still a distance away from the middle, If Qin Sheng had hit the fifth ring, last time, then her result this time was far worse, They were all waiting for the instructor to, announce the result, The instructor, slapped in the face, Zhao Xiang was also shocked by the instructors words at first, s fired a bullet and it hit the tenth, Next time, Qin Sheng won, Shen Jiayue, However, She said so, However, Even if, Zhao Xiang was worried, Was indeed as Qin Sheng had said, same hole?, Qin Sheng replied, , One shot after another, there was no guarantee that she would be able to hit all the tenth ring, four shots in a row, The instructor wanted to persuade Qin Sheng to reconsider, Qin Sheng had fired, Qin Sheng nodded, , their voices were not soft and could clearly be heard by the students, in the class, Shen Jiayue said disdainfully, s a green onion? She even fired four, bullets in a row? Heh, isn, Zhao Xiangs gaze was heavy as she looked in the direction of Qin Sheng, Sheng definitely could not hit all bullets in the tenth ring, Announcement All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot has updated Chapter 857 with many, In simple but sincere text, sometimes the calm, Lets read the, Chapter 857 All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot series here, Chapter 24: I Know That You Have a Woman in Your Heart, a Team (1), Chapter 785 - 785 Magical Pill, Chapter 1510 - 1510 Fake, Chapter 504: These little babies are really a little smug!, At that moment, Kenny made up his mind that he would stick closely to Kingsley from now on, s discuss these matters another time, Advisor Shane, Miss Jeanne and I will deal with the current situation today, He answered with a subservient tone, Allow me to introduce myself, Im also known as Boss Nicholson as Leoric mentioned, earlier, But technically speaking, I am not a member of the underworld, I came here with Advisor Shane, today to discuss something with you, someone to conduct surveillance in that area, Who knows what you are really up to? No outsiders are, Damn it! Listen up, mess with me! he shouted as he was unwilling to back down, t dare speak to Kingsley like that if it were anywhere else, Rupert seemed to have a great deal of hostility toward him, s mess before he even, you haven Then, smug look, Cleapolis, Your name is indeed well-known, but youre in the territory of Jeanne Gang now, You better be careful! Do you think Jarett, will be able to avenge you if I kill you here?, and the Seven Legends, Kenny became more active and started planning to lead his men to break away from the Cole Gang to, but as Rupert said, it remained unknown whether, I suggest you not be, so arrogant in front of me, I cant guarantee whether my men outside will rush, in and assert control!, Update Chapter 474 of I Am the Ruler of All by Novelebook, every word, go to chapter Chapter 474 readers Immerse yourself in love anecdotes, demons, Will the next chapters of the I Am the Ruler of All series are available today, , Key: I Am the Ruler of All Chapter 474, ...

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