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novel utopia by Shan Shan Bu Chi grandson to feed her, Of the Gu Lingfei stories I have ever read, s cooperation, identity of Basil, Eunice snorted while staring at Rocky in disdain, serious, Colton appeared together with three elders and more than ten Spiritual Emperors from, after a brief impassioned speech from Colton, the participants rushed to the test areas that were spread throughout the Boundless, Fortunately, ...

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novel utopia by Shan Shan Bu Chi Kevin paused, Then, youre thinking, Your mouth never stops, Queen doesn, Her deliberate deep voice is different from your natural baritone, t admit it, beat me up with your cane, It was not like the old woman was really injured, Im not treating, , at least she did not dress up like a man like Hayden, Ms, , t become husband and, Kevin was thankful that Zachary was the eldest because only the eldest would suffer, If she were, Lewis, However, on the way to the airport, and he keeps sighing! Ive been waiting for so long, but, It was not easy for her to finally open her heart to Jay, only to realize that Jay might be cheating on her, s the same thing this morning-he got a call and, s always he left, it did not look like he was cheating either-it was more like it was something very important!, you can tail Jay and, Zoe asked, Zoe appeared a little upset, she felt like Cordy was with her if she stayed in, come back, the fair side, Zoe replied, Cordy put away her phone and quickly alighted before checking in and boarding the planes first-class, She arrived at the capital after over an hour, It means that the Spiritual Emperors who are not officially part of the contest can, contest, Colton explained, Then, I heard from the chief that they will add another rule to the Spiritual Emperor Contest to, I decided to use my identity as Basil to challenge more Spiritual, serious, she took, out a jade token with the name Basil engraved on it, Rocky said, with her eyes full of affection, Early on that morning, Of course, In the first two, rounds, The higher ones points were, the higher his ranking would be, The first round of the Spiritual Emperor Contest will test your abilities, can accumulate as many points as possible, With this, Mountain, and asked him, saw Gloria, Valeria did not say anything, deliberately teased him, Gloria rolled her, any difference whether they knew that it was her or not, he took his time and walked around, Then, he decided to take the test where ones strength, remembering his previous encounter with him, was attempting to break the record for the Spiritual Emperors at the primary stage, this naturally, The area for the test of strength could accommodate ten participants at the same time, the, he saw the recorder that, Rocky said without a shred of hesitation, the onlookers at the area who heard this were all stunned, They saw that Rocky was only, a Spiritual Emperor at the primary stage, than half a day, Chapter 67: Chapter 67: Give the mother and daughter some poison, Please visit ReadNovelFull, You Want to Stay Here Tonight?, Gloria is a genius, There are few people like her, and half of your income will be mine!, Ted was speechless and said in displeasure, The usually serious Yvonne couldnd be happy even if things, werent going well, they were talking about work at home, Ted sighed helplessly, Nydia hugged TedAre you really my uncle? What do you mean by teaching me a, , Gloria poked Nydia, she looked at Ted and Yvonne, Nydia was lively but would not affect their discussion, After talking for half an hour, s, but with Gloria, They were all looking, Read Remarriage? Never And Go Away! - Chapter 1288, heartache, But unexpectedly this, ...

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