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nigoru hitomi by 하일라 Illness, Chapter 665: Beg The Huo Family To Let Us Off, Dad, fianc, will listen to me, This incident had a huge impact on Ye Yutong, I have, manager of yours slander my daughter? Now, today?, unexpected details, ...

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nigoru hitomi by 하일라 Chapter 381, Illness, Chapter 2375 - 2375 2379, Chapter 634: Chapter 634, Chapter 941: 941: Defeat Di Anran, Chapter 721 - Harlow Must Hunt For Her Dragon, Chapter 2078, Chapter 1592 Effort, Chapter 709: A Flower Petal, Chapter 449 - 449 Holding Hands, Chapter 665: Beg The Huo Family To Let Us Off, Chapter 1416: The whole world is filled with the sour smell of love (36), Chapter 162 - Not Eveyone Likes Being Bootlicked, Chapter 824, 1179 Get Rid of Fu Hanchuan, All the comments on the internet had also fallen to one side, and Fu Hanchuans Weibo was full of, abuse against Ye Yutong, Ye Yutong had been paying attention to the news on the internet, Her mind went blank when she saw, Fu Hanchuans Weibo post, How was that possible?, How did the matter of her opening a side account get exposed?, Ye Yutongs face turned pale, She ran over to Father Ye, Father Ye frowned, Dad, I was just angry, What right does Qin Sheng have to be with Fu Hanchuan? Hanchuan is my, fianc, Ye Yutongs hand clenched the corner of her shirt tightly, She did not continue her sentence, Father Ye read Fu Hanchuanll go to the, HD Group, The HD Group has great potential, but it cant compare to our Ye family now, Maybe they, will listen to me, This incident had a huge impact on Ye Yutong, Father Ye did not dare to delay any further and came to, the HD Group personally, the receptionist asked, Ask your President to come and see me, I have, The lady at the front desk recognized Father Ye, the chairman of the Ye Corporation, She didnt dare to chase her away, so she told Assistant Lin about it, After Assistant Lin found out, he called Fu Hanchuan, Fu Hanchuan narrowed his eyes, an probably wants the HD Group to put pressure on me, Lin, Yuan, go down and see him, Also, After hanging up the phone, Assistant Lin followed Fu Hanchuans instructions and brought Father Ye, to the reception room, your president?, Assistant Lin replied, s not in the office, He arranged for, me to meet you, Besides, our president is not someone who can be met by just anyone, Father Yes face darkened, Assistant Lin smiled, t want to expose his identity, Even President Qin Yufei can, In other words, Father Yes, let alone being qualified to meet Fu, Hanchuan, s tone was strange, Assistant Lin smiled but didnt say anything, Father Ye sat on the sofa and tried to calm his anger, he asked, Assistant Lin replied, How dare a mere, manager of yours slander my daughter? Now, our Ye Corporation, Assistant Lin poured a cup of tea for Father Ye, re here, today?, Father Ye, Assistant Lin had been with Fu Hanchuan for a long time and had learned how to be two-faced, [HOT]Read novel All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot, Novel All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot has been published to Chapter 1179 with new, unexpected details, It can be said that the author Yu Jian Yang invested in the All-Mighty Girl Gets, Spoiled by A Bigshot is too heartfelt, After reading Chapter 1179, I left my sad, but gentle but very, deep, Lets read now Chapter 1179 and the next chapters of All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A, Bigshot series at Good Novel Online now, , Chapter 1013: Sent to the Door, ...

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