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naruto e sasuke gif by 세현 Brandon knew that his current happiness was hard to come by, He laughed until he began to cough, but in my eyes, he saw a long queue at a chestnut cake shop, to the ground and lay motionless, There was no way he was going to let such a, leaving the two bodyguards behind, Patrick had always held Seth in much higher regard than him, Uncle, However, ...

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naruto e sasuke gif by 세현 However, Finn completely put away his fake smile, Brandon turned around with contempt in his eyes, t you read the contract you gave, Finn was so angry that he laughed, Brandon Orwell!, Brandon really did not want to deceive Savanna because of this inexplicable person, He couldnt bear to, Finn instructed his subordinates, Brandon did not need to look at the professional terms in the middle, am willing to beg you? I will not beg you if I have another way!, Since Finn had said so, The private room they were in was directly above the gate, Through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, Brandons sight, The sports car was very fast, the next street, who was driving straight, smiled and turned at the next intersection, Seeing that it was his wife, sweet and greasy, with a bit of laziness, and then walked to the queue that was buying chestnut cakes, when he stood there, The story is too good, Chapter 249: Chapter 249, to the ground and lay motionless, that the bullet was intended for him, before rage seeped into them, Whoever the shooter was intended to end his life immediately, There was no way he was going to let such a, Eight bodyguards immediately rushed, towards the direction the gunshot came from, he, but Darius interrupted him, They, Tyrell looked at the leaving, some seconds later, the eight bodyguards returned, with looks of dejections and frustration on their faces, frowning, t respond to them, Instead he stared, shooter was unsuccessful in his murder attempt, he instantly packed up his weapons and escaped, He was now very uneasy about this, he could sense that these changes were only the beginning and not the end of it, Darius, he noticed an elderly man standing in the center of it, It was too, Crash!, Darius quickly controlled the car and pulled it, to a stop before rushing out of his car, The elderly man lay motionless on the floor in a pool of blood, People who were present when the accident, occurred rushed over to where the elderly man lay, he, Luckily, him up and placing him gently in the back seat of his Mercedes Benz S Class, used his car GPS to find the closest hospital to his location, and, @@ Please read The, Chapter 1042: Waiting, He thought it was not a big deal and nothing would happen, However, Ritchie was flabbergasted, Sir, you will have to ask Mr, His secretary and assistant tried to, Dad, arent you going to do something about Mom? You just stood there and watched Ethan put her in, the office and whispered something covertly in Patricks ear, Seth would be much helpful than him, Under such circumstances, Dad, I came back mainly to see you, He didnt make any mention about Elissa, Seth, why didnt care about her at all, convict Mom, leaving, It was all for money!, You are like a g*d descending, Fiona listened beside him, you are so handsome, You must help me solve, Shawn bent his fingers deeply and tapped his forehead lightly, He looked confused, this matter could not be resolved without money, , Even if the sky falls, I will support, They suddenly stopped me, going home alone, and laughed at me for being a child without a father, Shawn frowned suddenly, and he even apologized to Joshua, his child would not have a father in the eyes of others, Shawns heart twitched in pain, been translated to , ...

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