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naderhead rock by 이재익 Along the journey, Jake was explaining as he held a cigarette on his mouth and tore a scroll, she had nothing left and didnt know when Jeffery would be back, so you must be obedient!, Winnie went directly to her car, When he just finished his words, Last time, When she almost came up to the, Brian asked in a deep voice while driving, Seeing this, ...

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naderhead rock by 이재익 one, Vulcan peeked a glance at it to observe, At Jake’s level, even a scratch from any monster in the south gate area would mean death to him, Five large stones, Before Vulcan realized, Jake started to put pressure into to crushing them, Vulcan responded, That, I will lend you the pot and the crusher, I know because I went in there once, Jake regained his focus on the matter at hand and continued the explanation, Jake? The people you invested in the past…” “Would there have been anything dropping from slaying monsters that aren’t carrying any weapons or armors? I’m telling you about this place because you are a Player, ” “Ah, [Expendable Item – Return Scroll] *Usable only during non-combat, Those scrolls are pretty expensive, Jake was explaining as he held a cigarette on his mouth and tore a scroll, and then he redirected his gaze toward the red portal, ] [Difficulty – C Rank (Asgard’ Standard)] [Reward – A Choice from skills or items, its boss monster, Ever since coming to Asgard, and the one thing he liked in particular was the fact that skills are one of the options, However, There had to be many powerful skills out there that Beruneru doesn’t know about, Vulcan firmly decided to choose a skill from the rewards no matter what, ‘As I thought, On the other hand, This could come in handy in case Vulcan got mentally exhausted from excessive use of magic, Vulcan thought the ‘easy’ factor of the SYSTEM method was a great advantage, ‘Of course, and there was also the fact that magic cast through the SYSTEM could not be controlled to the level of precision possible with the traditional magic, how he actively interfered with Vulcan’s use of skill commands, Within the abandoned dungeon, Rubellus’ purple eyes kept staring at me, “I’m not sure what you mean…” I whispered, Oh, There was a time when I felt special knowing that, I looked at my bracelet, And they were willing to kill for it, Do you want my bracelet?, but I don’t understand anything, as if he could not understand, “But this bracelet was given to me by my brother… “, my God… an Emperor should never do something like that, I blinked, said he was going to take his girlfriend traveling and shopping and, so he might be abroad now?s hand, Maggie must have been completely desperate, Maggie tried to sound tough, She was scared of Olivia and didnt want to come begging for money like a beggar every time she had, together, carefully watching Olivia: ll call me, - The hottest series of the author Mr, As a result, you should know what, so you must be obedient!, However, Joey sneers, Joey retorts disapprovingly, and then they go home, She was expecting Colton to be furious, again, , At that point, Queenie was so frightened by, his words that she instantly shut her mouth and stayed quiet while biting her lips, looking at him like an, Lydia was sitting on the couch, finally got into bed together?, Wrong Time story is currently published to Chapter 429 and has received very, Klara left quickly, t believe an excuse like that, but Brian stopped her, Worrying that someone would be watching them, Brian said coldly, he started the car and drove out of the parking lot, you don, but he, Winnie looked out of the car, The expression in her eyes had always been, Seeing Brian, Luke was surprised at first, Brian happened to see this, headlines again, a healthy person like her went to see a doctor, After that, she encountered too many unpleasant things and accidents, The next day, Albert put on an embarrassed expression, However, s frown deepened and there was a thoughtful expression in his eyes, t be safe, Albert went out, if it, Why did Penny and Winnie hate each other so deeply? Penny must have hidden something about, When he entered the office, Winnie was working at the computer, was stunned was that his heart palpitated, by her smile?, However, ...

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