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hyperventilation novel by Qi Xi ”, on the dot, “Hyung forgot, “Did you have dinner?”, Why?, Jaeyoung tilted his head, Knowing Sangwoo, he was probably fully aware of his own state, he opened the file he had received the previous day on his laptop, Chapter 727 - My Brother Has Been Slack, ...

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hyperventilation novel by Qi Xi Chapter 1410 , Please Help Stop My Son From Bleeding Out, “I think I should head home, Aren’t you leaving?” Yuna asked, “What time is it?”, ”, fed Sungjin, he worked almost nonstop, “You’ve been working so hard lately? What is it? If it’s something good, let me know, “Mobile game, ”, “You’re really into it, He nodded, The moment he thought that he should head home after grabbing a cup of coffee, he received a message, ……………, 11:55, ……………, It was as if he had copied and pasted the most recent message since the content was the same, but Jaeyoung was already bewitched by Chu Sangwoo, so he was excited to see even such businesslike content, he had worked hard and had a pile of materials to send, He opened the mailbox and stopped after attaching the image, so instead of sending the email, he leaned back and crossed his arms, He looked at his cell phone for three minutes while shaking his legs, As soon as it turned 12 a, his phone rang, He set the volume as low as possible and…, “Yeah, Sangwoo, – … yes?, – Uh… deadline, but I haven’t received an email so… I called, Thank you for calling, – ………, “Did you have dinner?”, –    Yes, “What did you eat?”, Why?, “What was the menu?”, – Cooked millet, and yogurt, Why are you asking?, “I like to hear people’s voices, – You have a strange hobby, I’m hanging up, Jaeyoung tilted his head, The result of his experiment was negative, If Sangwoo was interested in him, it was a delusion, If so, he’d rather be relieved, Yuna was murmuring from behind, “Crazy, “What?”, ”, “Fuck off, ”, he was probably fully aware of his own state, A symptom of love: a state where there were no obligations but free thrills instead, He enjoyed this period the most in a relationship, If his feelings developed even further at this point, and perhaps dangerous, but as long as he maintained this ‘line, ’ there was no need to worry, Jaeyoung was this confident because he’d never once lost himself in his emotions, ‘Anyway, Jaeyoung bitterly smiled at the images filling up the folder, If Chu Sangwoo hadn’t played tricks on his junior, he wouldn’t have been dragged around helplessly like this, He opened the mailbox and attached the file he had worked hard on, Email sent, Task completed, ”, Without even making eye contact with Jaeyoung, Sangwoo zoomed in on the picture and pointed at the corner with his finger, “Does it look like that on the phone?”, “It’s fine if you gather small details together to make it complete, Please pay attention, ”, but it’s different, Fix it, so he didn’t have anything to say, Sangwoo sorted the folders by filename, Chapter 939 Bounty Contrac, Chapter 124: The Results face, he could detect that she was lying, The nation had to be defended, He was afraid that Yu Qi was a spy from another nation, ƒ, Chapter 88: The Line of Defense, Chapter 474: Chapter 473, Chapter 431 Subscription for Shares, Chapter 625: Little Tang Tang, Chapter 727 - My Brother Has Been Slack, , Chapter 1164: a photo without parents, Chapter 907: Shi Guangs relationship with the Su Family (27), ...

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Qi Xi