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daddy little girl by Emperor Song even believe a single word he says?, great, The entire situation was tough to manage, Abel put away his phone, She focused entirely on her academic during university, concerning her, which, Even, she only hoped for the man the be, but expressing out her feeling to a stranger didnt make her feel better, ...

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daddy little girl by Emperor Song confirmed the poisoning, Jesse explained his side of the story and demanded that Chris sign the share, even believe a single word he says?, and his knuckles were cracking from how tightly he was clenching his fists, Zachary Jesse exclaimed with a smile, ll be staying, She then sat down on the sofa to have a drink while she tried to process her conflicting, emotions, Chris was fuming with anger when he stormed out of the bathroom, Chris then grabbed himself a glass of wine and slowly made his way toward Nancy, Sensing a dangerous vibe from him, Nancy stood up and prepared to leave, through clenched teeth as he pinned her down on the sofa, The next thing she knew, strong man like him, her flailing hands managed to get a hold of something, He closed the door and peeked out before pulling down, though, Please forgive me if I did or said, Although George knew the headquarters assigned Lily, Alexander, he still did not know what the actual relationship between them was, cant be able to look after you so often, s the, you would have joined La Beaut Group with your relationship with Alexander, Whyd you, join us at Rebirth?, it was only a small subsidiary, and assets, Im sure you know my situation when I first arrived here, Her words made George very happy, He never thought a small employee would turn out to be his bosss, secret lover, The entire situation was tough to manage, careful, Luca and a few bodyguards were looking up at them from the flat ground at the foot of the mountain, They were thinking about how much Abel doted on his wife, Carrying her up the mountain and now, Mr, He could make his move, someone must be watching him on the plane, 00 pm in Struyria, , Emmeline had just checked on the children and tucked them in before returning to the bedroom, Emmeline picked it up and saw that it was from Abel, Seeing Emmelines message, he had sensed the danger, usual, m, Abel had searched for many dos and donts during the period, he told it all to Daisy and Kendra, details, Lets read now Chapter, Chapter 528 [Bonus Chapter] Taking Care Of TheHouse, Chapter 1535: Scheming, Georgia dialed Roberts number immediately, She felt like she was going insane, China had crashed, Georgia remained silent throughout the ride, She realized how much she cared for Robert at that moment, She lost her mom before she was imprisoned and his dad never cared for her, as her friend all her life, She focused entirely on her academic during university, but she was kicked out of the school and was named a student that, helped her at first, but then destroyed her life because of Wendy, he began helping her, bit by bit and would do anything to help her secretly, appreciate and gave her a stable life, Georgia thought this dream of hers would never come true, But she met Robert, However, but now that she felt her, she immediately went to a working staff, She had been informed that the baby might leave her and now something happened to Robert, means the only man in this world who would protect her was leaving too?, Everyone hoped that the plane was fine, the worst scenario would be it vanished in the air, Even, As long as this man was still alive, she could overcome everything, She turned and saw an old man, stay strong, for the sake of other family members, don, she didnt know that she looked extremely devastated until the old, Of course, Why didnt she say something good to the man, Life was short but she didnt appreciate it, Thinking about all these, I distanced myself and thought I can do it forever, much, love him but I don, but expressing out her feeling to a stranger didnt make her feel better, She cried in front of the old man, She felt that no one would ever fell for her again, Georgia replied while crying, I, Vanessa sensed Georgias sadness and desperation, Even though she felt hopeless but she still hoped that a miracle would happen, ...

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