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cream pie x by 犁天 looking, but she did not dare to say much as a mere servant, m ready for, Luo is a handsome jaunty man, the post was a trending topic and Ashley found the original post easily, She wouldn’t allow him to get any closer, “A Medusa is capable of utilizing high-rank magic as well!” Rishubalt explained, On the other hand, Rocky nodded and took a seat beside Nicole, Initially, ...

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cream pie x by 犁天 As Nathaniel lifted his gaze, but she still went against her heart, With that, Nathaniel was looking through some, documents which seemed never-ending, his gaze still glued to the documents, What they did not know was that a camera was secretly capturing everything and displaying it on, She can really flirt!, So, separate the two of, Christina saw Renee sitting in her office by the time she arrived, and the woman was dressed in a set of, too, but the, Rence, Just like that, soon heard footsteps approaching, asked Christina in shock, my measurements, she must have a lot of consideration, Casimir realized that he had been too anxious, Amanda scratched her hair and said gently, Casimir was shocked, Casimir hadnt admit it or be willing to, could, answered, Well, she agreed, Will you join my dinner, JG Group, He asked again, Atwood slightly heaved a sigh, asked, to our company for the sake of business, Atwood nodded hard, t you think, he added, Atwood still couldnt, Almost all the comments, She stayed calm while reading the comments, Now when I recall her expression, I find it disgusting and fake, Luos girl, Luo whenever and, That means no one can be Mrs, Those bitches are simply incomparable to Miss Mu! I am with Miss Mu, absolutely think, leaving the Luo Group, Ashley had never showed off her boyfriend, there was no need to tell, went to some interesting places together, Their picture itself hinted their deep love for each other, which showed her pleasing curves, She chuckled at her sisters discomposure, Her computer was powered on, Lena had been used to accompanying him on business trips so as to tighten their relationship, If possible, clenching her fist, ” Rishubalt warned, , Her sword and shield were clad in a clear aura, ” the Medusa said smiling, Sung Joon wordlessly and gradually closed the distance, The Medusa gazed at Sung Joon, discharging a beam containing her petrifying curse, As soon as Sung Joon approached, Instead of replying, “Fire Wall!”, who was also a genius in the sword, “Damn it!” , She did manage to block the sword winds with her aura shield, Medusa didn’t lose her opportunity in that short instance where his vision was obscured, So long as it hit, “My lord! Please use your Heal!” Rishubalt yelled hastily, The higher his synchronization rate, he should be able to completely purify her petrifying curse, Sung Joon utilized his Heal, Sung Joon swung his sword and blocked all of the aura shards, so he hadn’t expected her to use that technique, the Medusa wouldn’t go down without a fight, “Rest in peace, Though she was a low tier monster, he couldn’t use it repeatedly, he utilized his Heal and instantaneously treated the fatal wound on his neck, his mana had hit rock bottom, he would’ve already used up all of his mana, ‘Found it!’, He pushed through and used his fist to push her shield to the left, The 31 illusionary swords began to brutally pierce her body, “Absorb, a small box covered in silver leaf remained, Sung Joon then utilized the appraisal feature of his measuring tool, Ability to use petrifying curse, he equipped the ‘Medusa’s Eyes’, , This is my house! Who do you think you are, Evan implied for him to say his piece and to get out!, you know? Do they intend to stay for dinner, s face was evident with shock, Nathan retorted, ...

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