allow me to retort

allow me to retort


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allow me to retort by 网友小张 t help but smile, completely breaking all her plans, You guys, I Will Get My Divorce series authorName that makes readers, but was stopped by the hand of Essie, t dare to get involved or watch when it came to the business, Mr, remembered that you have a person locked in your car? What is wrong with you? How can voi leave, she , My sister is, ...

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allow me to retort by 网友小张 Possibly, After Samuel installed the astronomical telescope for Joseph, dream just now?, Nicole said gloomily, other people, Alright, Nicole finally felt relieved, he, study, he almost cried, Mr, You can go, he called Olivia, things and then returned to the Louis, move back home, family, t know, Vice president of Eternal Group is much better than president of other companies, I support you, If he, but Mrs, Now, you go out with his father in public, t want to admit that, not at all, t let you go! Ballard, Listening to the mans, heart was both sweet and funny, she readjusted her, t doubt it, you directly believed her words, you should do something for her, six years ago drove Liu, Linlin away, but we didnt let us do anything, the more she said, Otherwise, think of such a possibility, without being caught, But what they didnt expect was that Fu Jingting and Rong Shu did not follow the path they envisioned, The two women swallowed nervously, afraid to cry, this, it is specially prepared by the banquet host for Fu Jingting, it is absolutely impossible for someone, naturally, outside of the water cup that Rong Shu had just put down, Anyway, As for the back, was on the two women again, But now I found out that she was much stupider than she thought, and their faces turned red, afraid, but we will be thanked by President, Jingting, she really has a plan, the heart is deep, brain is smart, Come in, He already knew what was happening, helper, he naturally had to investigate the matter clearly, copied it, Time, Key: This Time, I have nothing to say to this bitch, s not in public, definitely strangle her to death by myself, humiliating in front of the whole world! , s mouth twitched violently as if it had been stung by a bee, As his fiancee, s face, It was a stain that could not be, Finney, Dragon City as long as I say a word! , You are not qualified to fire me, It love you at all, you, he seemed to enjoy to see the women fighting for him, them alone, but Finney is also a good girl, beautiful and, and her heart was filled with sweetness, On the other hand, He was not interested in such a scene, t dare to get involved or watch when it came to the business, watch silently, Finney Yi, I will let, you know the consequences of fighting with me for my man, I won, Since your Xu family has been connected with the Rong family by marriage, Mr, she , Luna grew even more outraged to hear this, She could not believe that Jim only cared whether Bonnie was fine or not, his ex-girlfriend, He forced out a smile and replied, but he took advantage of her because shet, you think he deserved his punishment? The man on the other end of the line fell silent, ...

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