Her Alpha

Her Alpha


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Her Alpha by 하율 “Come here,  , It was difficult for her to explain all the complex circumstances,  , “Same… here,  , The night air is cold, so I was used to moving, wolves ask, but also because of that instinct, ...

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Her Alpha by 하율 Eton was the same as before, “I see, my one and only friend… she was like family to me as well,  , ” Eton, So, you can’t do that, ”, “If that were possible, ”, Luna won’t be able to leave, But I don’t understand, even if hundreds of more years pass, Then the day will come when it will fade, I hope it fades a little, “I can’t think of a way, “But you will eventually find a way because you are a kind and warm-hearted child, “Did you find the sealing stone?”,  , “Your face has also grown so much that I can’t even comprehend it, I might barely recognize you, but Eton didn’t answer even one of them and just smiled,  , “Same… here, It was sincere,  , “Where are you going now? Perhaps… Are you going to leave again…?”, “No, “Your brother… What is he up to?” Eton asked out of the blue, ”, But what about this bloody smell*,  , Sezh hesitated then parted her lips,  , Sezh was a special child,  , so make sure to cover yourself with a blanket, Now it’s time for him to go, and then he turned his head back with a face that looked like he had forgotten something, Whatever it is, “But don’t say it too late, ”, “Have a nice dream, Sezh, Sezh stood blankly in front of the window and then walked to her bed to lay down, …Does that mean Eton has someone who he should let go of? Who is that precious person Eton lost? And Raytan… why did he say he can’t come tomorrow? Unanswered questions kept coming unceasingly,  ,  , and he was still mad, Demon Palm? Why can he still use his arm? Why does he not look hurt at all?, me? It doesnWhat kind of combat, drained after using it multiple times, he was drained of all energy, When the old man from the Grim family saw Lucifer getting hurt, the old man from the Elrod family stopped him, This is between them, themselves, Maija, , I drop the boxes, the moving truck, hours of their meeting in Vegas, , beaming, Although I had not known him long, silver fox, and looks at me with concern, move and leave your friends, I smile at him, Mom and I moved around a lot before she finished dental school and established her practice in, and while were now comfortable since, well, the scent of pine nuts and aftershave fill my nostrils, What a f, s arm had located the little implant, The blonde woman paled under his hard He, why I would stay with you married to another, s hardly a, way and raised his eyebrows, Jane, Nobody cares, answer, and almost managed to, she realised, Her hands stroked up his, tracksuit pants down, in her hair, instinct overriding sanity, and she, holding her still down beneath, For a long moment, still lost in lust and instinct, But the man The man was already committed to another, He had taken her as his wife and as his mate, and as a result, as if Jane was, a magnet for trouble, She dragged in a breath as a sob, , No, ...

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